Delta Shield

Introducing Delta Shield - The Ultimate Digital Service Package for Esports Athletes

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„Guarding your Esport journey”

Delta Shield is not just a service – it’s our mission to support esports athletes in every step of their journey.

From mental coaching and legal advice to financial planning, career management, and contract handling, Delta Shield is your partner in navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the esports landscape.

Within our Legal Support, we focus on crucial aspects such as claim enforcement, especially in scenarios where a player hasn’t received their payment. This includes dispatching legal notices on the player’s behalf and undertaking essential legal steps for effective debt management.

With Delta Shield you receive :

Claim Management & Legal Support

We make sure that you get your salary as agreed in your contract. This includes dispatching legal notices

Contract Handling

Each month, our professional team is available to review one contract with you, highlighting key details, explaining terms, and providing tailored recommendations.

Career Management

Advice on career development and arranging tryout opportunities.

Mental Coaching

Monthly sessions of personalized performance & mental coaching of 60-90 minutes long.

Subscription Durations

Choose your plan
39 Monthly
  • 1 Month Subscription € 39
  • 3 Month Subscription € 99
  • 6 month Subscription € 199
From € 39

What Happens After Subscription?

Following a successful subscription, the user receives a confirmation email that includes a link to access the Discord server and a dedicated email address. On this platform, they can directly reach the “Delta Shield Agents” and schedule appointments for various services. Additionally, the provided email address can be used for booking appointments or requesting assistance via email.