Interview with the top laner of GTZ esports


“I can see my improvement week by week, month by month, I feel like I can break limits that I never thought about before.”

How quickly could you fit in to the new team and enviroment?

Usually it takes 2-3 weeks after the very first official match because some players they show their best performance/communication skills during official matches. It should take 1-2 weeks if I’m the only new player of the team because I can already see the syngery between the other players starting from scrims, but I think it really depends also on the coach if he knows how to work with the entire team.


Did you expect that you could reach quarter finals in EMEA before the season?

We expected to reach EMEA Masters before the season of our league started. Our goal as a team from the very beginning was to get to groups(Main Event) of EMEA Masters. When we reached that, we focused game by game to go as far as we can. In the mid season of our league I told to my team that I believe we can compete with every single other ERL if we are all motivated enough because I knew that every single player of the team was very good individually, but we had to prepare to play against the best teams of the Major ERLs, not only the play-ins teams.


What would you say what plays the biggest part in the success of the team?

After few loses during our league and during play-ins groups, we managed to find the best playstyle for our team and we focused on doing that and improving that playstyle game by game even if it was very obvious what we were going to play in the official matches.

Playing extremely comfort picks was the biggest part in the success of the team. 

Only our jungler had to adapt depending on the opponents bans/picks. I think he was the only flexible player in our team for that playstyle. Another important factor was the way how our coaches prepared the draft/analysis against our opponents. Because of this, we were almost always ready for anything in the draft/game.


Will you stay for next season? If yes what’s your goals as an individual player and also as a team?

Our achievement as a minor region was beyond our expectation. I can see a huge improvement in my playstyle from last year to this year.  Because of this I will stay 100% for the next season. As an Individual player, my goal is to perform at least at the same level as the best toplaners of Europe, including the toplaners from LEC. As a team, our goal should be to win EMEA Masters and I will perform mainly for my teammates/coaches/organization to achieve this goal.


You are one of the oldest player in the league, do you have feelings that you are getting too old for continuing? What do you do to avoid burnout?

Mainly I focus on growing my discipline and patience. As long as I continue growing my discipline, my patience and my motivation I will be able to grow as a player. I can see my improvement week by week, month by month and because of this I’m getting even more motivated to set higher goals year by year. At the moment I don’t feel like I’m too old at all. I feel like I can break limits that I never thought about before. Our EMEA Masters run proved this.